Heather Dobson

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I'm a Senior Advanced Accountant responsible for financial reporting for the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), where I've worked for over 15 years.  SWIB manages more than $106 billion in assets, including $98 billion of the Wisconsin Retirement System.  I've held a variety of responsibilities during my tenure at SWIB, including playing a lead role in the implementation of the Unit 4 Business World software in 2015.  SWIB’s Business World implementation included development of numerous automated interfaces with SWIB’s custodial bank (running on proprietary software) and the State of Wisconsin’s general ledger, PeopleSoft.

I've been a board member since the spring of 2017, and have been  responsible for member education.  I am the host of many of the SCUNA webinars & hope you will join us for these fantastic learning opportunities!