Communities - A Way of Keeping Connected

By Susan Burns posted 02-25-2019 12:16



Unit4 Business World – Communities

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where departmental information; all kinds of information could be gathered together and dynamic?  A place where you could:

  • Post updates and read news items.
  • Where you could work on projects with team members even though they may not be in your department.
  • Go to where company events were listed and where you could sign up for events as well.

All of these are possible with UBW Communities!  A community is an interactive environment that is available through self-service and flexible enough to allow you to have multiple communities within your business:

Department communities
Project Communities
Committee Communities
Special Interest Communities

Communities are easy to setup, easy to manage, and a great way, a new way, of keeping updated on activities and news items in your organization. You can be a member of multiple communities.    

Content is based primarily upon widgets (custom and user defined), and membership is based upon a structure or browser.  It’s pretty much that easy.  Try one today!


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