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UBW snippit - Knowly

By Kitty Lau posted 02-04-2019 13:45


Are your users finding it difficult to remember little details? Or are you fed up of having to constantly refer to your fact-sheets, manuals or SharePoint site to remind you of all the steps?

Did you know that you can capture key pieces of information to any web screen using Knowly?

Just click on the icon!

Knowly is an UBW Experience pack that allows you to embed important information to a specific UBW screen. You can make them available to everybody in the organization, or you can just make notes and reminders for yourself.

It enables you to:

  • Remain compliant to company policy;
  • Capture relevant information where it will be used;
  • Save time - no more searching for answers;
  • Reduce support and maintenance

For example - you can let your employees know what the corporate policy is on Naming conventions:
Notes, reminders and information can be provided to the user dependent on the screen that they are in

You could also capture other things like:
  • What is the mileage rate for this year?
  • What supporting details do HR need to issue an advance?
  • What’s the company travel policy?
  • Or even just share tips and tricks with each other!

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